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25th June 2014

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What You Make It Prod. ℳxhajlov by Ezko!

24th June 2014

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What You Make It Prod. ℳxhajlov by Ezko!

16th June 2014

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23rd May 2014

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Check out my new song! Temple Of Mind Prod. J Cayo by Ezko

17th May 2014

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WASAINDAMAL Feat. Wellz from Japan + Ezko by JAPANNDOT

12th May 2014

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26th December 2013

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Twist up to this!

29th September 2013

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7th September 2013


Makedamnsure by Taking Back sunday

hey guys im listening to the “Makedamnsure” album by Taking Back Sunday and it kinda just hit me again how much music has been watered down. Like this shit used to be art, and dont get me wrong there are still a few artists that remain at standard or push the bar and then there are some who just downright suck but get on because of a couple connects. I miss when music used to be made from inspiration off emotions from memories, present thoughts, wishes and fears of tomorrow. If you listen to albums like this and albums like “Siamese Dream” by Smashing Pumpkin or Kanye West College Dropout all the way to MBDTF, or Biggies ready to die albums you’ll really understand what good music, no offense to the new music but not much is impressing me, thought provokingly at least. It sounds catchy and cool… but whatever happened to the art of provoking a man to better himself. Anyways that was my 2 cents, make it multiply. Best.- Ezko

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2nd September 2013

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